Tony Garnett, Film and Television Producer

Tony Garnett's Saints:

  • Uncle Fred, the milkman who became an anchor in Tony’s life following the death of both of his parents.
  • Sydney Newman, the pioneering Head of Drama at the BBC in the 1960s who gave breaks to a string of trailblazers including Ken Loach and Dennis Potter.
  • Dr Charles Rycroft, the post Freudian psychoanalyst who counselled Tony in his fifties.
  • Colleagues: Tony’s ‘comrades’ and collaborators.

Tony Garnett is a British  film and TV legend. Together with Ken Loach he is responsible for seminal, agenda setting social drama like Cathy Come Home, Up The Junction and Kes.

Today, in his eighties, he is as relevant as ever. A reminder of how vital it is to keep telling stories, to get them out there in any way we know how - writing, painting, film making, however that might be - and connect with one another.

A famously private man, Tony Garnett shied away from the press and giving interviews, until now. He’s decided it’s time to open up, lay bare the tragedies that have beset him and write a memoir, The Day The Music Died. In part to process the devastating way his parents died within just weeks of one another when he was only five years old but also to lift the lid on the secrets of a ground breaking career.

So press play and soak up some of the wisdom that comes from this remarkable life as Tony Garnett talks about his heroes and inspirations on Saints of Somewhere.

The Day the Music Died: A Life Lived Behind the Lens

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