Ed O'Brien, Musician

“Human beings are capable of extraordinary things. Don't let anyone tell you you're not.”
Ed O'Brien

Ed O'Brien, Musician

Ed O'Brien

Irvine Welsh, Writer

Irvine Welsh

Maria Semple, Writer

Maria Semple

Peter Martin, Rehab Pioneer

Peter Martin
Rehab Pioneer

Des Hamilton, Casting Director

Des Hamilton
Casting Director

Shaun Leane, Jewellery Designer

Shaun Leane
Jewellery Designer

Tony Garnett, Film and Television Producer

Tony Garnett
Film and Television Producer

Peter Tatchell, Activist

Peter Tatchell

George Shaw, Artist

George Shaw

Henry Holland, Fashion Designer

Henry Holland
Fashion Designer

Susanna White, Film Director

Susanna White
Film Director

Kim Chambers, Open Water Swimmer

Kim Chambers
Open Water Swimmer

Clive Stafford Smith, Death Row Lawyer and Activist

Clive Stafford Smith
Death Row Lawyer and Activist