George Shaw, Artist

George Shaw's Saints:

  • Closer, the Joy Division album released shortly after front man Ian Curtis' suicide in 1980
  • His parents, Eilish and George Shaw
  • English painter and master of the macabre Francis Bacon
  • Iconic radical modernist writer James Joyce
  • Chad The Mod, a character from the pages of a booklet which accompanied The Who album Quadrophenia
  • English comedian and diarist Kenneth Williams

George Shaw is the most charming, smart, funny and straight talking death obsessive you’ll ever come across. He is also one of Britain’s most compelling contemporary artists and a wonderful mass of contradiction.

George has spent two years working underground, deep in the basement studio of the National Gallery in London, preparing work for his show My Back To Nature, which marks his tenure as the gallery’s associate artist. 

Shaw is best known sparse scenes of Tile Hill, the estate near Coventry where he grew up. A series of landscapes which took twenty years to paint and  which the turner prize nominee says are essentially self ­portraits. Saints of Somewhere talked to him to try and understand a bit more about the detail in those landscapes. 

'My Back To Nature' at The National Gallery

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