Irvine Welsh, Writer

Irvine Welsh's Saints:

  • David Bowie: Rock god. Visionary. Teenage liberator.
  • Leith: Irvine’s childhood home town, just north of Edinburgh
  • Hibs FC: Leith’s local football team and this year’s Scottish Cup winners
  • North London: With its rich, multicultural vibes

Such is the party boy legend of Scotland’s literary icon Irvine Welsh that fans still slip him wraps of drugs at book signings. Whereas years ago he may have taken them, these days he flushes them straight down the hotel loo.

Life, understandably, has moved on for Irvine since he first shot to fame in 1993 with the publication of his debut novel and the Trainspotting phenomenon began. Over the following two  decades he’s penned another fourteen novels and swapped the pubs and bars of London and Leith for home in Chicago.

Nevertheless the past not only has a habit of catching up with us but sometimes it was so good, it becomes part of the story of who we all are and we want it back. Cue the frenzy of excitement and nostalgia around the release of T2, the sequel to Danny Boyle’s 1996 Trainspotting movie based on the novel Porno. Listen to Irvine Welsh explain what it’s like to step back into the  moment - how Ewan McGregor and Johnny Lee Miller look as fresh faced as ever -  and why he keeps his eyes fixed firmly on the future.

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