Peter Martin, Rehab Pioneer

Peter Martin's Saints:

  • Hermann Hesse, the Swiss poet, novelist and painter whose works are journeys in self-knowledge, truth and spirituality.
  • David Tomlinson, the head of the Therapeutic Community for Addictions in the UK during the 1980s. The organisation championed a radical approach to recovery where individuals were charged with taking responsibility for their battles.
  • John Steinbeck, the American writer best known for Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Grapes of Wrath and the novella Of Mice and Men.

Peter Martin CBE has been pivotal in helping hundreds of thousands of people in the UK beat their addictions over several decades.

A former hardened user himself, as a young man growing up in the sixties Martin traveled the world, following the hippy trail, taking and smuggling as many drugs as he could get his hands on.

After a series of personal tragedies, he returned to the UK and confronted his battle with drugs head on. Eventually, he used the combined experience of life as an addict and the street skills he picked up along the way to transform a small rehabilitation outfit into the nationwide charity Addaction.

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