Kim Chambers, Open Water Swimmer

Kim Chambers's Saints:

  • Vito Bialla, founder of the Night Train swimmers in San Francisco and prolific 'ultraman' endurance athlete.
  • Kim's grandfather, William Herbert 'Royce' White, a war veteran and farmer.
  • The Farallon Islands, a small group of uninhabited islands that are a US National Wildlife Refuge. Off limits to the public, popular with seabirds, seals and sharks.
  • Kim’s parents Gerald and Jocelyn Chambers, farmers in Kim's native New Zealand.

Kim Chambers danced as a ballerina before the accident that changed the course of her extraordinary life. Now she is one of the world’s leading open water swimmers and Kim is the first woman on the planet to have swum 30 miles through the shark infested waters from the Farallon Islands just off San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s 17 hours non-stop in an area where 40% of all US shark attacks occur.

Kiwi Kim talks to Saints of Somewhere about her incredible life including the immediate aftermath of her horrific accident when doctors were preparing to amputate one of her legs and the two years she spent in rehab learning to walk again, during which Kim stepped into the ocean and found new freedom and purpose.

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