Clive Stafford Smith, Death Row Lawyer and Activist

Clive Stafford Smith's Saints:

  • Robin Hood, the original anti-capitalist folk hero.
  • Jean Stafford Smith, Clive's mother.
  • Lorelei Guillory, the mother of six year old Jeremy Guillory, killed by Clive's client, Ricky Langley.
  • Millard Farmer, the legendary, pugnacious anti-poverty campaigner and death row lawyer from Atlanta.
  • Edward Bellamy's 19th century utopian novel, Looking Backwards.
  • Pop protest anthem, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

In a world where we’re often quick to judge and write people off Clive Stafford Smith does neither. The lawyer and human rights activist has represented hundreds of prisoners facing the death penalty in the United States.  Over the years he has prevented execution in all but six cases. As Clive talks to SOS about his ‘Saints’ - his heroes and inspirations -  he shares stories about last minute reprieves, final words and what his work on Death Row has taught him about human nature.

Outside of the US, as director of the campaign group Reprieve, Clive secured the release of over 70 detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Listen as he describes what it was like setting foot in the most notorious prison on the planet.

Clive Stafford Smith’s story is packed with real life or death drama. Hearing him talk is humbling, inspiring and shocking. All rolled into one.

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